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An innovative approach to removing trash from Lake Tahoe using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to reach depths of over 500 meters.

RTLDF devised a high-tech gripper to retrieve debris from the depths of Lake Tahoe, bolstering conservation efforts for the lake’s ecosystem. This innovative tool merges advanced underwater technology with grassroots environmental activism, showcasing a collaborative approach to safeguarding the natural splendor and ecological integrity of Lake Tahoe. Through community-driven initiatives like this, we are actively contributing to the preservation and restoration of one of California’s most cherished natural treasures.

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Summer 2023 nets Over 5 tons!

We took out 1 Ton with our ROV from Lake Tahoe and an additional 4 ton in Lithium Ion Electric Boat Batteries from Electric Boat Salvage.

We also collected 650lbs out of the American River with SCUBA!

Our Mission: Deep Cleaning for Deep Waters

Lake Tahoe’s legendary blue isn’t just skin-deep. We’re the Restoring the Lakes Depths Foundation, fighting microplastics and pollution to protect this fragile underwater world. With your help, we use advanced technology to preserve our lakes’ health and beauty for generations. Because a truly pristine lake is pristine to its core.

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Be a Lake Hero. Change Starts with You.

Individual, family, or corporate – your passion makes a difference. Dive into hands-on cleanups, become a fundraiser, or spread the word. Every action helps restore our lakes’ depths, protecting Tahoe’s iconic clarity and the future of our Sierra waters.

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We need your help to continue the project of cleaning the depths of Lake Tahoe. Consider making a one-time or monthly donation.

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