Summer 2023 nets 5 tons! 4 ton just in Lithium Ion Boat Batteries

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Deep Emerald, the 500-meter live stream dive coming to life

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Foundation Uses BlueRov2 to Clean Lake Tahoe’s Depths

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Retrieved from 200 feet in May 2022


The creation of our foundation all started with the loss of a hat. One summer many years ago, a member of our family lost their large sun hat to the wind boating in Lake Tahoe, never to be seen again. We began wishing there was someway that we could retrieve it from the depths, however, no such luck. Most everyone who visits has a similar story to be told, be it losing a pair of sunglasses, bottles, bags, shoes, shirts, or toys….the list is endless. These accidents are a form of litter in our lake, and are detrimental to the clarity we all love, and cherish. Our goal is to locate all the litter lost in the depths, to dispose of it properly, thereby preserving our beloved fresh water. Now it is our time to help keep it as pristine as it once was. It is time to take action, and clean up mans mess, to restore our lake to it’s original beauty.
Bike recovered 30 meters off of Cave Rock Lake Tahoe. Blue Robotics ROV and a grappling hook!

Volunteer Journey

Join us in removing microplastics and trash from Lake Tahoe!

Typical haul from Lake Tahoe May 2022.

Micro plastics were found in Lake Tahoe in 2018. Typically, microplastics enter environments via wastewater, but this is not the case in Lake Tahoe, and litter seems to be the primary source. Microplastics present a unique and serious problem that should be addressed immediately.
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2022 Lake Tahoe removed microplastics and more.


How Are We Getting To The Bottom?

 RTLDF employs a BlueRov2 equipped with a gripper to remove trash and record discoveries along the way. We are surveying the bottom of Lake Tahoe in an organized grid pattern, beginning at depths of 25 – 300 feet. The Blue ROV2 can dive down removing microplastics and trash to 1,640 feet. Learn how we plan to cover every square foot of Lake Tahoe’s Lake bed by returning often this site often for updates.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove all trash from every navigable freshwater lake in Nevada and California, recording new discoveries along the way. We begin with Lake Tahoe. Restoring the Lake Depths Foundation is a society of passionate individuals committed to protecting our freshwater lakes. We are prepared to rid the waters of trash using remote underwater vehicles cleaning the lake beds of microplastics and debris from a depth of 25 feet offshore to the bottom of Lake Tahoe sharing deep water discoveries along the way with our supporters. 

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After two years of refining our ROV and skill to remove the trash, our team started removing full-time in May 2022! Join our growth by volunteering or donating today.