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Our Mission: Deep Cleaning for Deep Waters

Lake Tahoe’s legendary blue isn’t just skin-deep. We’re the Restoring the Lakes Depths Foundation, fighting microplastics and pollution to protect this fragile underwater world. With your help, we use advanced technology to preserve our lakes’ health and beauty for generations. Because a truly pristine lake is pristine to its core.

Our mission is clear: retrieve and properly dispose of all submerged litter in Lake Tahoe, restoring the lake to its original splendor. In 2023 alone, we have successfully removed over one ton of debris in three haul-outs. This is just the beginning.

Advanced Technology for a Cleaner Lake

To achieve our goal, we utilize the advanced BlueROV2, an underwater robot equipped with a gripper designed to remove trash and conduct underwater surveys. This technology allows us to explore and clean areas from the shallow waters at 25 feet to the deepest recesses at 1,640 feet.


Our Story: A Quest to Restore Lake Tahoe

The Restoring the Lake Depths Foundation was born from a simple yet relatable incident — the loss of a large sun hat to the winds over Lake Tahoe. This event sparked a realization: countless items are lost beneath the waves, turning accidental losses into harmful litter. These submerged items, from sunglasses to toys, clutter our beloved lake and threaten its pristine clarity.

How We Operate:

Systematic Exploration: We meticulously survey the lakebed in an organized grid pattern, ensuring no area is overlooked.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continually updating our techniques and sharing our progress. Stay connected with us for regular updates.

The Microplastic Challenge

In 2018, studies revealed the presence of microplastics in Lake Tahoe. Unlike typical cases where wastewater is the culprit, litter is the primary source in Lake Tahoe. These microplastics pose a significant threat not only to marine life but also to human health.


Help support our efforts cleaning up Lake Tahoe.

Join the Restoring the Lake Depths Foundation—a community of dedicated individuals committed to the protection of Nevada and California’s freshwater lakes. We start with Lake Tahoe, employing remote underwater vehicles to cleanse the lakebeds of microplastics and debris, extending from shallow waters to the deepest points. Together, we can preserve the purity of our freshwater resources. Be a champion for our lakes, and help us make a difference.

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A Change in Course

For my Dad:
One day, while I was living my life in Napa, you called me out of the blue with an idea. "Lindsay, how would you feel about starting a business in Tahoe?" you asked. The concept was unique, challenging, and unlike anything I had ever seen. The environmental aspect tugged at my heartstrings and aligned perfectly with my interests.

At first, I was overwhelmed, thinking, "How in the world am I going to start my own nonprofit?" But despite my fears, I decided to take the leap. Just a couple months later, I moved to Tahoe and began setting everything up.

Both you and mom have always been my rock, offering unwavering support and valuable advice. I am incredibly lucky to have you both aboard this journey alongside me.

On that fateful day when you called me with an idea, our trajectories changed forever. It was the beginning of a life-changing journey that brought us closer together. Your unwavering support and fantastic concept have turned into a shared adventure, and I am eternally grateful.

Thank you, for believing in me and being my steadfast supporters on this incredible ride.

Lindsay KopfFounder