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Mission Robotics

We at Restoring the Lake Depths were incredibly impressed by Mission Robotics‘ achievements in the world of submersible ROVs, particularly their successful dives exceeding 500 meters. Their expertise is invaluable in our mission to clean lake beds.

We reached out to Walt, John, and Brian at Mission Robotics, and they generously offered to collaborate. Together, we deployed our ROVs in Lake Tahoe, reaching depths of nearly 100 meters. This collaboration not only allowed Lindsay & I to compare the capabilities of our existing ROVs but also highlighted the exceptional video quality and deep-sea durability of Mission’s internal camera and slide-in components.

Thanks to Mission Robotics’ collaboration and their innovative technology, we can now document the bottom of Lake Tahoe with exceptional video quality, even at extreme depths. Their on-water support and the ROV’s impressive depth and leak resistance have been instrumental in our work.

We are incredibly grateful to Mission Robotics for their partnership and their commitment to developing technology that allows us to explore and protect our lakes. The exceptional video quality, even in low-light conditions, allows us to capture clear and valuable footage, unlike blurry Bigfoot sightings!

In 2023, this ROV surveyed 10 miles of toxic Lake Tahoe Lead Leeching Cable, Surveyed the New Zealand Mud Snail so small the snails can fit 10 on a dime, and also pulled out a ton of garbage with its manipulator arm.

Tahoe Speed boat Company

Tahoe Speed boat Company has been proudly serving the Tahoe area since 1994. They are a trusted warranty shop for most major boat manufacturers, and certified technicians can handle all your marine engine needs.

They specialize in:

  • High-Altitude Adjustments: Ensure your boat performs flawlessly at Tahoe’s unique elevation.
  • High-Performance Engines & Supercharger Installations: Unleash the power and exhilaration on the water.

We use Tahoe Speed Boat Company for supporting our electric motors as much as possible. Electric motors in our experience have been finicky to say the least, but every technical challenge has been solved by Tahoe Speed Boat Company, quickly and easily.

Because Tahoe Speed Boat Company loves Lake Tahoe as much as you do, they are a proud sponsor of the Lake Tahoe Non-Profit Restoring the Lake Depths Foundation.

Contact Tahoe Speed Shop today for expert service and peace of mind on the water.
(530) 525-1189

Aquatic Sensors

Experts in Water Quality Factors:

  • Chemical Pollution – Weather Patterns
  • Water Acidification – Algae Blooms
  • Wave Action – Currents
  • Nutrient Loading (Eutrophication)
  • Antifouling Paint Pollutants
  • Environmental DNA (eDNA) presence

Aquatic Sensors helped us purchase a new BlueRov2 to help in our mission to clean the lakebeds in California & Nevada.

(800) 894-2695(USA/Canada)

USA Office

985 Parker Court
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Canada Office

44 Matheson Street S
Kenora, ON P9N 1T6


EIVA Software Powers Up Our Autonomous ROVs!

We’d like to thank EIVA Software for their generous donation of NaviSuite Kuda Core [1, 2]. This advanced hydrographic survey software allows us to:

  • Run precise grid patterns, ensuring comprehensive underwater coverage during our restoration efforts [1].
  • Seamlessly integrate various sensors, streamlining the data collection process [1].

With EIVA’s support, Restoring the Lake Depths Foundation is one step closer to bringing autonomous ROV technology to life for lakebed restoration!

Together, we’re making a splash for a healthier future!

Learn more about NaviSuite Kuda Core:

Empower Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with NaviSuite Kuda Autopilot
Take control of your ROV and USV operations with NaviSuite Kuda Autopilot, a powerful solution for unmanned surface vehicles and ROV’s.

NaviSuite Kuda offers:

  • Effortless Remote Control: Take full command of your ROV and USV for precise navigation.
  • Seamless Autonomy: Unlock the potential for pre-programmed, self-directed missions.
  • Integrated Hardware & Software: NaviSuite Kuda provides a complete solution for streamlined USV management.

+45 7215 0505
(800) 672-0571 (US only)


Experience the Future of Boating

  • Ruckmarine: Your Gateway to Electric Sportboats
  • Glide across the water in serene silence with Ruckmarine. Dedicated to bringing the latest high-performance electric sportboats to the U.S. market. They helped us configure and power one of our research boats with a Torqeedo.
  • Located near the majestic Lake Tahoe, Ruckmarine is perfectly positioned to introduce you to the clean, eco-friendly future of boating.
  • Explore our innovative electric Sport Boats and rediscover the joy of being on the water. Visit them today and join the electric boating revolution! Ruckmarine: Powering a cleaner tomorrow.

 (510) 816-0101

Blue Linked

Experts in ROV Subsea Technolgy:

  • Empowering Underwater Innovation: BlueLink, LLC
  • BlueLink, LLC is your one-stop shop for connecting with leading subsea technology providers. A factory distributor and representative of several Subsea Companies, they support a wide range of industries including:
  • Scientific Research
  • Military Applications
  • Aquaculture
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • Hydropower
  • Search and Rescue ROV’s
  • Thanks to a partnership with Blue Linked, we gained access to state-of-the-art ROV technology at an aggressive timeline. Their expertise and support have been instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of this technology for our underwater clean-up efforts, over 1 ton with ROV’s in Summer 2023.
  • Previously, our non-profit relied on ROVs that weren’t designed for continuous operation. This partnership has transformed our capabilities. We now have a powerful and efficient Production Class ROV, specifically designed for our needs, at an accessible price point.
  • Let BlueLink be your bridge to a world of subsea exploration and discovery.


Tahoe Fund

Making A Difference Above and Below the Water in Lake Tahoe:

The Tahoe Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the environmental health of Lake Tahoe. Founded in 2010, it’s the only organization solely focused on funding environmental improvement projects in the Lake Tahoe Basin. They address various environmental concerns, including forest health, lake clarity, sustainable recreation, and overall stewardship efforts. Their efforts play a vital role in maintaining the lake’s renowned clarity and the surrounding ecosystem’s health.

Tahoe Fund helped us build Deep Emerald, a lakebed garbage picking machine capable of extreme depths, surveying Invasive Species and much more.

Donate to the Tahoe Fund

Martis Camp Foundation

Making A Difference in Lake Tahoe:, Truckee and surrounding communities.

The mission of the Martis Camp Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the Truckee/North Tahoe community by making a positive impact in the areas of education, youth development, human services and recreation.

Martis Camp Foundation helped with our deep dive efforts and supporting us cleaning up garbage off the lakebed at extreme depths, surveying Invasive Species and much more.

Learn more about the Martis Camp Foundation

Supporting Businesses and Organizations

Restore the Lake Foundation would not be possible without the help of these businesses and organizations.