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An innovative approach to removing trash from Lake Tahoe using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to reach depths of over 300 feet.

We, at Restoring the Lake Depths, were incredibly impressed by Mission Robotics‘ achievements in the world of submersible ROVs, particularly their successful dives exceeding 500 meters. Their expertise is invaluable in our mission to clean lake beds.


We reached out to Walt, John, and Brian at Mission Robotics, and they generously offered to collaborate. Together, we deployed our ROVs in Lake Tahoe, reaching depths of nearly 100 meters. This collaboration not only allowed Lindsay & I to compare the capabilities of our existing ROVs but also highlighted the exceptional video quality and deep-sea durability of Mission’s internal camera and slide-in components.

Thanks to Mission Robotics’ collaboration and their innovative technology, we can now document the bottom of Lake Tahoe with exceptional video quality, even at extreme depths. Their on-water support and the ROV’s impressive depth and leak resistance have been instrumental in our work.

We are incredibly grateful to Mission Robotics for their partnership and their commitment to developing technology that allows us to explore and protect our lakes. The exceptional video quality, even in low-light conditions, allows us to capture clear and valuable footage, unlike blurry Bigfoot sightings!

In 2023, this ROV surveyed 10 miles of toxic Lake Tahoe Lead Leeching Cable, Surveyed the New Zealand Mud Snail so small the snails can fit 10 on a dime, and also pulled out a ton of garbage with its manipulator arm.