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Become a part of Restoring The Lakes Foundation, We Need You!

  • Do you have a motive to help our environment rid microplastics from lake beds?
  • Are you a natural fundraiser, or willing to learn with our 5 minute setup?
  • Retired and still have skills the World could use and help our environment at the same time?
  • Need a Birthday Fundraiser for your Facebook Page?

We can get you started with our Peer To Peer Fundraising Program so quick you won’t believe it. ‍Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you , the individual or group, to easily Fundraise money online. Help a cause you believe in, restoring our lakes. Become champion of our cause by reaching out to your social network to get support and maximize our total visibility as one of our Fundraising team members.

Although we hope to go nationwide with our Lake Cleanup of the depths, we started in Lake Tahoe and next seeking to expand to other lakes in California and Nevada. Does your lake need some microplastics and trash removed from the depths?

E-Mail Us to get started at [email protected] and make an impact!
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