Blue Link Underwater Robotics is your chance to buy an ROV and get great support. Full line of rovs and robotic accessories such as robotic arms, communications, and much more as they service The Armed Forces, Universities, and many Research Teams. Call Jeff at 800-680-7071 or e-mail [email protected] We couldn’t be where we are at today without the Blue Linked team having the knowledge to handle extreme robotic environments like Lake Tahoe.



Thank you to Mission Robotics,  Our Technical Advisor!
Mission Robotics Provides Marine Vehicles and Technology in Working-class ROVs, Software, and Instruments

We’d like to thank the Tahoe Keys Marina for their many contributions to making our vision possible.

Large selection of GREAT boats & Service at 850 KAMPS WAY RIPON, CA 95366

South Lake Tahoe’s Best Tire Shop!

Lake Tahoe Boat Rides operates out of Tahoe Keys Marina. Great boats, captains, and generosity.

Thank you to Fable Metalwork for building us a cleverly designed custom basket to use in the field!

Tahoe Speed Boat Company LLC provides great storage and marine services out of Homewood, CA